An elegant Puerto Rican rum, expertly crafted in the Serrallés family’s signature rum-making style, Don Q Single Barrel, 2007 is the product of their dedication to exceptional craftsmanship. In 2007 a limited selection of the family’s finest rum stocks was chosen and laid down in charred, American white oak barrels for nine years, bottled in 2016. Don Q Single Barrel, 2007 possesses a rich, mahogany hue with luminous red flashes dancing throughout.

Aging: Single barrel aged for 9 years in American white oak barrels, bottled in 2016.

Proof: 40% ALC/VOL, 80° proof

Tasting Notes: At first encounter, the aroma radiates delicate sweetness over notes of oak wood giving way to hints of nuts, toasted almonds, and spices enhanced with hints of caramel and sweet chocolate. Full bodied and radiant, this elegant rum develops warm notes of toasted oak wood, smoke with the sweetness of sugarcane and touches of cacao. Lingering almond and candied fruits appear to impart a remarkable, well-balanced experience. Finishes smooth and easy with a pleasant aromatic bouquet.