DON Q 151°

A blend of heavy and light rums, each with a minimum of 3 years of aging. This well balanced rum separates itself from other 151° rums with mature characteristics of vanilla and oak, and hints of smoke and tobacco.

AGING: A blend of rums each aged for a minimum of 3 years.

PROOF: 75.5% ALC/VOL, 151º proof

TASTING NOTES: Bold, woody taste with initial sweetness, notes of caramel, figs and dried fruits. Ample tannins from the oak barrel support a long, bright, flavorful finish and creaminess to the palate.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: As a base ingredient in tropical and tiki-style drinks or as a float to provide additional alcohol complexity and rummy flavor. Flavorful enough to sip with water. Pair with Asian, Latin and spicy foods. Use in food recipes where bolder rum flavors are desired, or a flaming technique is required.